• Mini Taco Muffins
  • School Lunchbox- Week 1
  • Freezer Meal: King Ranch Chicken
  • Apple Sausage Breakfast Cornbread
  • Italian Braised Pork

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Hummus

Buffalo Blue Cheese Hummus 300

This is an amazing recipe! It is super easy, super cheap, and super freaking delicious! I just couldn’t get over how yummy it was! If you are a lover of Buffalo Wings, you need this recipe in your life. Trust me. This Buffalo Bleu Cheese Hummus was my latest recipe for Living Litehouse, and it [...]

Mini Taco Muffins

Lunchbox Taco Muffins

Looking for an awesomely fun lunch box food? This is it! In my search to make the kids fun and creative lunches for school I came across a recipe for Mini Pizza Muffins. It was very basic, minimally seasoned, just eh… Ok. I made a double batch after tweaking the recipe just a tad. Amazing!! [...]

School Lunchbox- Week 1

Sep.8th Lunchbox

Visit our Facebook page every weekday morning for Daily Lunchbox Posts and Photos! I’ve started a new trend in our house, and it’s really catching on! Creative school lunches. Sounds so simple, I know, but after years of putting minimal effort into school lunches this is quite the change for us! Day after day my [...]

Freezer Meal: King Ranch Chicken

Freezer Cooking Chicken

  For many more Freezer Friendly Meals visit our Freezer Cooking Board on Pinterest! It is always growing! This is another popular Freezer Cooking Meal that is usually filled with canned ingredients, primarily Cream Of Whatever. It can be pretty salty and bland all at the same time. Still though, I love some good ole’ [...]

Apple Sausage Breakfast Cornbread

Breakfast Cornbread 96

I used to eat cornbread drizzled with honey and butter for breakfast all the time as a kid. Any time Mom made beans and rice there was skillet cornbread to go along side. That meant leftovers for breakfast in the a.m. This was my inspiration for this Breakfast Cornbread recipe, my latest recipe for Living Litehouse. A light [...]

Italian Braised Pork

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Oh my goodness. This pork. Oh good lord this pork! I just don’t know what else to say. How about… Easy. It is so easy. A quick sear of the ingredients in the pan, then you throw it in the oven and completely forget about it. For hours. I left mine in for 6, no [...]

Freezer Cooking: Sunday Savings

Creamy Bruschetta Chicken Bake

So I’ve just recently gotten back into freezer cooking. I was into it a few years ago when we were in a really tight financial spot but I eventually gave it up because it became too repetitive. My problem was that I was really focusing on making those freezer meals that allow you to “make [...]

Freezer Meal: Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

Chicken Casserole

For more great Freezer Friendly Foods, follow our Freezer Cooking Board on Pinterest! Another Freezer Cooking Friday is here and I have another GREAT freezer friendly meal for you! So far we have been in love with every single dinner that has come from this last batch of freezer cooking. Looks like we can keep [...]

Is It Fall Yet? Autumnal Chopped Salad

Dressed 96

Man the first few weeks of the school year are a killer! In my latest recipe and post for Living Litehouse I have a little fun with the whole idea of Fall being right around the corner. The weather is cool, we are all getting into the Back To School groove, routines begin to take [...]

Honey Pecan Chicken

Honey Pecan Chicken

  Get more great recipes like this one on our Pinterest Page: http://www.pinterest.com/herseyliving/ The first time I ever tasted Honey Pecan Chicken was at the Sunset Grove Country Club in Orange, Texas. Before Jon became the GM of the clubhouse I was waitressing a few lunch shifts every week. Never before had I heard of this insanely delicious chicken, but [...]

Freezer Meal: Creamy Bourbon Dijon Chicken

Serving Chicken

Find more Freezer Friendly Recipes on our Freezer Cooking Pinterest Board! Come follow us! It’s Freezer Meal Friday! Since school is literally right around the corner I have been cooking up a storm getting ready for the chaos that always comes with the first few weeks of school.  My freezer is fully stocked with awesome [...]

One Pot Creamy Cajun Pasta


Who doesn’t love a good one pot dinner? In a recent post for Living Litehouse I blog all about the wonder of the One Pot Meal and how to turn almost any meal into a One Pot success! Who the heck wants to be stuck cleaning up multiple pots and pans after dinner while fighting [...]

Creamy Corn Chowder Pasta

Summer Corn Pasta300

Not every recipe I try to whip up works out well. For example, Corn Chowder Bread Salad, or how about Corn Chowder Potato Salad? I just couldn’t get either of those recipes to work out in my favor and I almost just made a normal gosh darn Corn Chowder but it was a very warm [...]

Tropical Chicken Kabobs w/ Raspberry Lime Glaze


This post was published at the beginning of summer and somehow I forgot to tell you about it! As I’m sure you know by now I write and develop recipes for another blog called Living Litehouse, owned by the Litehouse Foods company, and this is one of my recipes I developed for them. While the [...]

Fish Chowder

Cod Chowder 2_edited-1

Fish Chowder. You either love it or you hate it. I love it, as long as it’s New England style. Creamy, thick (but not too thick), full of potato and celery, and plenty of whatever seafood you choose to use. I happen to have a pound of cod just laying around. It’s cool and breezy out. I [...]

Beer Brats And Cheddar Soup

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This soup is simply amazing. It will put hair on your chest. Or a ring on your finger… Which ever one works best for you. I first made it when I was cooking for Terra Optima. We always had a choice of two daily soups that were kept in Crockpots where the customers could dish [...]

Sweet Peach BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Oh my goodness I am so full right now. Just one of these monster pulled pork sandwiches was all it took. My stomach is literally hanging out over my britches in the most disgusting fashion. I am too stuffed for words. I just couldn’t stop eating until there was no more sandwich to eat. I need [...]

Kid Friendly “Sushi” Rolls

Perfectly portable in every way.

My latest recipe for Living Litehouse is all about kid friendly lunch! We have been a super busy all summer long with trips to the beach, parks, and my latest obsession… Goodwill. I am dragging these kids around with me everywhere I go! With all of this running around we are rarely home for the [...]

Summer Bread Salad w/ White Beans

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After making the ever so kid friendly Italian Chicken Boats we had a bunch of bread scraps to use up!  Instead of throwing them out, feeding them to the birds, or making the typical boring bread crumbs, we decided to let them go stale…. On purpose! Stale bread is the number one most important ingredient [...]

One Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta

One pot dinners are perfect for summer!

You know that feeling when you first try out a beautiful Pinterest dish, only to find out it is totally bland and tasteless?? This is what happened to me and a very popular Pin lately. The pictures were beautiful! The dish sounded delicious! The idea behind the recipe was genius! And then it totally sucked! [...]

Italian Chicken Boats

Italian Chicken Boats1

This is Julian. Julian is one happy kid. He just helped old Mommy Dearest whip up this kid friendly dinner! Our Italian Chicken Boats were an absolute hit among all the kids in this family! Julian of course proudly ate his slice the fastest, then pronounced himself the ¨star of the show¨. That’s the reward [...]