• Turkey Melt with Pumpkin Dijon Sauce Kale and Caramelized Onions
  • California Ranch Fish Tostadas
  • Honey Chili Rubbed Pork Tenderloin over Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash
  • Weekly Menu Plans 10/4/15
  • All Star Power Up Kabobs

Weekly Menu Plans 10/12/15

Chicken and Apples

Another week another menu! I’ve been having so much fun cooking and baking for the blog again, I guess the little break I took last month was really a good thing. I feel so… Refreshed! My homemade dinners have me eating healthier and dropping these unwanted pounds! With that being said I have a lot [...]

Turkey Melt with Pumpkin Dijon Sauce Kale and Caramelized Onions

Spiced Turkey Melt with Swiss, Kale, Onions, and Pumpkin Dijon Sauce- by Sweet Hersey Living

There are rare nights in this house when I’m left with more leftover meat from dinner than I know what to do with. Usually they get put into the fridge where they die a lonely death, but today I’m getting creative and making something fun out of some boring leftovers. These Turkey Melts With Pumpkin [...]

California Ranch Fish Tostadas

Wide Closeup 96

These California Ranch Fish Tostadas were a recipe I developed for Living Litehouse in the summer, then I forgot to tell you about them. I feel kind of bad about that because they were simply delicious! Light, fresh, healthy, filling, and full of California style. Think of them as a flat and crispy fish taco, [...]

Weekly Menu Plans 10/4/15


Oh my sheesh it freaking feels like Fall here in South East Texas! We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves, this cool weather is unusual for early October. Of course it was cool and crisp out while I planned my menu this week so I planned a lot of comfort food dinners. Sounded [...]

All Star Power Up Kabobs

All Star Power Snacks-96

Give your All Star a pregame (or pre practice) snack that will fuel them up using healthy and nutritious ingredients! My All Star Power Up Snack Kabobs were a slam dunk over at the Living Litehouse Blog! I try hard to provide my Julian with the kind of foods that will provide long lasting energy [...]

Saucy Maple Mustard Chicken with Onions and Sage

Saucy Maple Mustard Chicken

So this is our new family favorite! I heard so much moaning and groaning as the kids watched me prepare this dish that I banned them from the kitchen. It’s been a long hot week and I just wanted to feed the ungrateful monsters without hearing an earful. As the sauce simmered away I hear [...]

Maple Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake

Maple Bundt Cake

Where in the heck has the time gone? My goodness just yesterday I was excited about the kids getting out of school and now it’s fall and I’m cooking up maple and pumpkin everything!  I was pretty absent in the blogging world over the summer. What can I say, I needed a break. Then my computer broke. Then [...]

Wekly Menu Plans 9/27/15

Undressed Close Up-96

Here I sit, sinuses stuffed to the max and a throat that feels like  I’ve swallowed glass. The boys and I are home sick today. Jon is with Ava and Julian at church and here I am. Helping 5 year olds blow their noses. It’s not pretty. So I thought I’d kill some time by [...]

Arby’s Knockoff Roast Beef

Perfect Arbys Copycat

I love Arby’s. Love. It. Especially that dang roast beef sandwich with the fake melted cheese and that sweet red sauce. For years, literally years people, I have tried to find the perfect recipe to emulate that sauce. For years I have failed. Recipes were always too sweet, too thin, to tangy, and always a pain in [...]

Weekly Menu Plans 7/6/15

Buffalo Chicken BLT Tacos

Well here I am again! Trying to pickup the weekly menu pan habit, again… While I always plan a weekly menu getting the habit of posting it here is ridiculously hard! I figure “eh, what the hoot. Let’s give it another go!”. It’s a busy week here in the Hersey house. July 4th was a [...]

Honey Chipotle Firecracker Chicken

I made these Chicken Strips for July 4th!

Still looking for the perfect July 4th dish? Look no further! My latest recipe for Living Litehouse is all that you need. The entire family gobbled up the entire batch of this Firecracker Chicken as soon as I got done taking my photos! It’s super easy to make huge batches of this stuff in the [...]

Oriental Chicken Salad

Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad

There is this incredible salad served at a famous chain retsuarant… Let’s just say this chain rhymes with Snapplebee’s…. Ahem.Moving on. It’s the Oriental Chicken Salad, and it’s amazin’ I tell ya! Jon and I used to order it every time we went to, ahem… Snapplebee’s. Not that we frequented the place or anything, but [...]

Manly Beer Cake

Beer Cake 2

Over Father’s Day Weekend I created something awesome… Okay actually somebody else created this Beer Cake idea, I just copied their idea from Pinterest using my man’s favorite booze. It was an incredible success and Jon loved his Father’s Day Beer Cake! I made a second one for my Dad using his favorites, Keystone Light [...]

Blackened Chicken and Summer Berry Salad

Blackened Chicken and Berry Salad Close Up 300

Say Buh Bye to your boring old salads, this baby is a flavor fireball coming straight at your mouth! For my latest Living Litehouse recipe I decided to focus on making a fun salad recipe, because we all need a little more salad in our lives. Sweet summer berries, tangy feta cheese, and spicy blackened chicken [...]

Easy Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo 2

This week has been a crummy one when it comes to food blogging. I had all these grand cooking plans, then that darn storm rolled into the gulf and hit the Texas coast. It’s been rainy, dark, stormy, and gray. Not a single blue sky day. Not ideal for getting food shots when you work [...]

Easy Garlic Bread Meatball Sliders

Messy Meatball Garlic Bread Sliders

Are you ready for a perfect party recipe? Something that can quickly be thrown together in one pan then served as a bunch of cute single servings and can fill up an army… Not too much to ask for right? Right! I didn’t make these Garlic Bread Meatball Sliders for a party, I made them [...]

Sticky Orange Ginger Chicken w/ Crispy Sesame Noodle Topping

Sticky Orange Chicken w Crispy Sesame Noodles

Ever had a craving for that goopy Orange Chicken from a crappy Chinese takeout? Ever found yourself without decent crappy takeout available? I found myself in that exact position not too long ago.  Ugh it’s just the freaking worst! So I decided to do something about it! I made my own Sticky Orange Ginger Chicken [...]

Slow Cooked Buffalo Wings

Easy Buffalo Wings

I am a lover of anything cooked with Buffalo Wing Sauce. I’m a bit of a purist, I don’t need blue cheese or ranch. I don’t need celery or carrots. I’m simply after the wing sauce, and I want a lot of it! I love the tangy vinegar taste and the kick of spicy flavor, [...]

BBQ Brisket French Dip Sandwiches

Brisket Sandwich

I remember the first time I had a French Dip Sandwich, I was in elementary school and cruising through the hot lunch line, a rare treat for us in our childhood. I fell in love instantly and its been one of my few favorite sandwiches ever since. I can only imagine how awful that exact [...]

Pizza Pull Aparts

Pizza Muffins

Summer vacation is finally here! That means I start cooking less complicated dinners so I can get more summer fun fit into every day. We found a great house on the bayou a few months ago and we finally become brave enough to swim in it’s waters. We have been swimming all day every day [...]