• Ham and White Bean Soup
  • Southwestern Chipotle Tomato Soup
  • Baked Pretzel Ranch Chicken Bites
  • Lighter Reuben Dip
  • Asian Beef Skewers

Warm Steakhouse Salad w/ Gorgonzola

Horizontal Salad Shot 96

Another recipe of mine coming at you from Living Litehouse! My latest recipe developed for the Litehouse Foods blog is this incredible steak salad topped with balsamic, kick ass Gorgonzola, and a fried egg… Yes a fried egg. Don’t knock it until you try it! This is a super filling, warm, hearty, Man Salad. Nothing [...]

Ham and White Bean Soup

Budget Meals

After the big Holiday meals freezers all over America are housing carcasses. How many of us actually put those bones and scraps of meat to good use though?  I wrap and freeze my leftovers with the intention of making something spectacular, but usually it just sits there for months until I get tired of it taking up my [...]

Southwestern Chipotle Tomato Soup

Southwestern Tomato Soup

When I’m looking for a quick and easy dinner that will warm me up, fill me up, and keep my mouth happy I turn to Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. I mean really, is there anything better than soup and an ooey gooey grilled cheese on a cold rainy day? While I do love the [...]

Baked Pretzel Ranch Chicken Bites

Chicken Bites 96

These fun little nuggets are my latest recipe post for Living Litehouse, and boy were they popular! The entire family, including Jon, went bananas for these. I made a baking sheet full of them and they were gone in a matter of minutes. They aren’t just for kids anymore! These would make the perfect football food [...]

Lighter Reuben Dip

Lighter Reuben Dip 96

I’m coming to you today with another recipe I developed for Living Litehouse, Lighter Reuben Dip. Reuben Dip is probably my favorite of all the dips, and that is the problem. I cannot stop eating it until there is nothing left. I just can’t get enough! The traditional Reuben Dip is just loaded with calories [...]

Asian Beef Skewers

Asian Beef Skewers

For more great recipes like this one visit our Facebook Page and Like us! We need your thumbs up! I love beef! I especially love beef that has been thinly sliced, marinated for hours, then throw on a stick and cooked up quick! Last Cinco De Mayo  I made some Carne Asada, thinly sliced steak [...]

School Lunchbox: Week 3

Lunchbox Week 3

Here I am with another week full of non sandwich lunches. I leaned on leftovers quite a bit but found ways to change them up just enough to create a fun lunchbox meal! We had open houses at school, book fairs, fundraisers, and a field trip this week. It felt hectic and exhausting so I’m [...]

Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Granola

Spiced Pumpkin Granola 2

Have you tried buying premade granola recently? I say “try” because I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $8 for a box of the stuff (I even saw some priced upwards of $12!).  I love yogurt topped with granola for breakfast but I cannot justify paying those prices. It just doesn’t last long enough in [...]

Freezer Recipe: Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie 2

Get more wonderful Chicken Recipes from our Chicken Recipes Board on Pinterest! Time for another Freezer Cooking Friday Recipe! If you are joining us for the first time every Friday I share a Freezer Friendly Recipe from my ever growing list of recipes. Every two weeks I bust through a Freezer Cookign Marathon such as [...]

Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

Corned Beef Soup3

For more great soup ideas visit our Soups Board on Pinterest! Fall is officially here and I’m loving the cold nights here in Maine. Nothing makes me happier than cooking and eating a warm and cozy dinner on a crisp and chilly night. It brings so much comfort to the evenings. One of our favorite cold [...]

Apple Crisp Muffins

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For more Fall Food Recipes like this visit our Fall Foods and recipes Board on Pinterest! It’s a good one! I love this time of year and everything it brings, especially fresh crisp apples right from the tree! Jon and I recently took the kids apple picking at one of the bazillion apple orchards in [...]

Scool Lunchbox: Week 2

Creative Lunchbox

For updates on lunches every school morning visit our Facebook Page! Another week has flown by and we had another week of awesome lunchboxes for school! We got surprise treats for a Birthday that happened over the weekend, we got creative with leftovers, and we had a little uh… mishap. One of the kids, nobody [...]

Freezer Meal: Creamy Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Healthy Creamy Bruschetta Chicken Bake

For more Freezer Cooking Ideas and Recipes visit our Freezer Cooking Board on Pinterest! This is another recipe I created for Living Litehouse. It’s Freezer Cooking Friday and this is one amazing freezer friendly dish! While you read the word “creamy” in the title, there is actually no cream involved. Healthy low fat cottage cheese [...]

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Hummus

Buffalo Blue Cheese Hummus 300

This is an amazing recipe! It is super easy, super cheap, and super freaking delicious! I just couldn’t get over how yummy it was! If you are a lover of Buffalo Wings, you need this recipe in your life. Trust me. This Buffalo Bleu Cheese Hummus was my latest recipe for Living Litehouse, and it [...]

Mini Taco Muffins

Lunchbox Taco Muffins

Looking for an awesomely fun lunch box food? This is it! In my search to make the kids fun and creative lunches for school I came across a recipe for Mini Pizza Muffins. It was very basic, minimally seasoned, just eh… Ok. I made a double batch after tweaking the recipe just a tad. Amazing!! [...]

School Lunchbox- Week 1

Sep.8th Lunchbox

Visit our Facebook page every weekday morning for Daily Lunchbox Posts and Photos! I’ve started a new trend in our house, and it’s really catching on! Creative school lunches. Sounds so simple, I know, but after years of putting minimal effort into school lunches this is quite the change for us! Day after day my [...]

Freezer Meal: King Ranch Chicken

Freezer Cooking Chicken

  For many more Freezer Friendly Meals visit our Freezer Cooking Board on Pinterest! It is always growing! This is another popular Freezer Cooking Meal that is usually filled with canned ingredients, primarily Cream Of Whatever. It can be pretty salty and bland all at the same time. Still though, I love some good ole’ [...]

Apple Sausage Breakfast Cornbread

Breakfast Cornbread 96

I used to eat cornbread drizzled with honey and butter for breakfast all the time as a kid. Any time Mom made beans and rice there was skillet cornbread to go along side. That meant leftovers for breakfast in the a.m. This was my inspiration for this Breakfast Cornbread recipe, my latest recipe for Living Litehouse. A light [...]

Italian Braised Pork

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Oh my goodness. This pork. Oh good lord this pork! I just don’t know what else to say. How about… Easy. It is so easy. A quick sear of the ingredients in the pan, then you throw it in the oven and completely forget about it. For hours. I left mine in for 6, no [...]

Freezer Cooking: Sunday Savings

Creamy Bruschetta Chicken Bake

So I’ve just recently gotten back into freezer cooking. I was into it a few years ago when we were in a really tight financial spot but I eventually gave it up because it became too repetitive. My problem was that I was really focusing on making those freezer meals that allow you to “make [...]

Freezer Meal: Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

Chicken Casserole

For more great Freezer Friendly Foods, follow our Freezer Cooking Board on Pinterest! Another Freezer Cooking Friday is here and I have another GREAT freezer friendly meal for you! So far we have been in love with every single dinner that has come from this last batch of freezer cooking. Looks like we can keep [...]